What Losing a Friend Taught Me

I recently cut ties with a close friend of mine this past May and even now I still feel the effects of losing him as a friend and confidant. The situation itself was just weird from my perspective and it didn’t make much sense at all.

For the believer friendships are very important because it allows us to have people around us that understand our sinful struggles and be able to relate, confide, and give our raw honest opinions and emotions to. For the believer these friendships mean so much to us that we invest our time, emotion and energy into it… I mean we personify LOVE as mention in the Bible.

Let’s bring this all together!

What losing a friend has taught me, that there are no sure relationships. (Wait a second and let me get to the point) What I MEAN is we should take no relationship for granted like it’s going to be there all our lives. Our rest is in the Lord and he is our true confidant.

What losing a friend has taught me is that some folks are in your life for a season. Seasons can last for weeks, months, years or decades. These people whether good or bad are in your life for a reason and there to teach you specific lessons in life depending on the role you allow them to play in the relationship. Whether the season is good or bad isn’t important as to being able to learn from the experiences.

Losing a friend has taught me to have tougher skin. Right now, I’m starting a business, working 2 jobs, getting ready to move to Texas and this situation I’m in has to have all my focus and energy. Heck! I have my own salvation to workout before the Lord and if I choose to dive in my own depression about losing someone, I could possibly lose the race.

What Losing a friend has taught me. Is to adjust the way I CONDEMN and PERSECUTE other believers for their walk. I’ve changed a lot since a year ago, The Lord has been gracious enough to put some Godly men in my lives to help motivate me to do better. They have both taught me to be more balanced with the way I DEAL with people and judge others. True enough when I first came back to the Lord I was exposing the occult and deleting people off FB for no reason. But now, I’m able to be patient with others and let them see the light in my life. I starting to see the lost as souls for the Lord to nurture NOT for me to judge unrighteously (And I still believe we need to judge harshly sometimes within the church though)

Losing a friend is tough for the majority of us, but I encourage you guys to seek the Lord in everything. Talk to your mentors, Pastors and Leaders at your local church. We have to be real sometimes and just bare our soul to people in order to heal.

Thanks for reading!